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Why We Love Lavender

Lavender is surely one of the most popular and versatile essential oils. It is commonly known as one of the best oils to be used aromatically to aid with sleep and anxiety. Here is a personal short story about lavender for you, this power oil was one of 2 oils (I will reveal the second oil tomorrow) that I asked my husband to add to my bath and drop all over the bed while I was in labour with our third son at home. Having that beautiful aroma in the air helped me to draw my focus inward to the process of birthing my baby naturally and with as much calmness and focus as I could (I was also practicing self-taught hypnobirthing at the time which helped). It triggered my senses beyond that of pain or fear and helped to make me feel calm and at ease (he might have a different version though lol). But seriously, it felt like a saviour for me and the blend that I chose that night/day will be in my heart forever.

Lavender has a long list (just a few pictured above) of other benefits as well and one that I take advantage of is its skin healing ability. It has antibacterial properties which helps to reduce acne, sooth eczema and dry skin, is anti-inflammatory, heals wounds and prevents wrinkles. What a super star flower and essential oil!!!! My front herb garden at home is 90% lavender and I have a feeling that it will be transforming to 100% over the next few years. I make my own lavender hydrosol (floral water) with my plants and absolutely love the results. I use my lavender hydrosol in the current batch of facial toner and hand sanitizer and I use lavender oil in my facial toner.

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