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Why I love Bergamot (not just because it smells divine)

This is bergamot, and if you read my lavender post yesterday, you might remember that I promised to reveal the second oil that helped me through labour and delivery of my third baby boy back in April. Well, that oil is Bergamot and this oil is a true warrior. Bergamot as an essential oil in aromatherapy is know for its overall uplifting and calming effects. It reduces fear, stress, depression, tension and anxiety. When I mixed bergamot with lavender and was surrounded by this aroma during labour and birth, it was a beautiful distraction and reminder to stay centred and focused on the arrival of baby Atlas. To this day, bergamot is one of my all time favourite essential oils and I use it in many of my Urban Country Organics products.
Bergamot essential oil originated in Southern Italy and has been used for perfume and culinary arts for centuries.
When you smell bergamot, you will be able to tell that is is a type of citrus but with a variation of sweet and tart notes. Bergamot is a citrus fruit and not only has aromatic benefits but also topical skin benefits as well! Bergamot has healing properties that are good for treating acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory and it keeps free radicals at bay, tones and soothe complexion, and also cleanses the skin (particularly for oily skin). I use bergamot essential oil in my Urban Country Organics Facial Serum, toner, scrub and Castile soap.

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  • Yes! I love bergamot and use it every day in the diffuser, it makes me happy:)

    Despina Diamantopoulos

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