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What is Castile Soap

Originally discovered in the small region of Castile Spain, Castile soap was made out of pure Olive oil rather than animal fats which were in most soaps (and still are to this day along with other synthetic ingredients!). The fats from the oil are mixed with a “lye” also known as a soap metal hydroxide. There are 2 main forms of lye. The first is an extraction from coal called sodium hydroxide (being the more harsh but still a very effective option) and the second is called potassium hydroxide (known to be softer and less harsh on skin) extracted from minerals below the earth's crust (this is used in our soap). Mixing the lye with the fats is a process called saponification. This is what turns the fats and lye into soap. Once the saponification is complete, none of the lye remains in the soap.
Nowadays, Castile soap is typically a blend of plant-based oils (not solely Olive oil) and usually very thin. Our soap contains ethically sourced, non-gmo oils from Sunflower, Coconut, Olive, Castor and Hemp and is free of any harsh chemicals. We have sourced the base of our soap from Vancouver, BC and have transformed it into a luxury Castile soap by thickening it with a fine salt solution and have created 5 different scents using blends of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It is vegan, biodegradable, highly concentrated and used for a variety of cleaning purposes. Castile soap is very gentle on your skin, you can use it to wash your hands, face, body, dishes and all around your house!

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