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Sea Buckthorn Oil. But what is this super berry?

This is sea buckthorn. It’s a super berry and I use its oil in my Urban Country Organics Facial Serum. The berry originated from Europe and Central Asia and has long been used in traditional medicine to prevent aging, promote heart health, and clear up skin. Sea Buckthorn berries have both amazing benefits for consumption as well as topically. It is absolutely loaded with vitamins (tons of vit C which is SO good for your skin) and nutrients that hydrate, heal and sooth your skin. The oil has an orange tint which is part of the reason that my serum takes on a similar colour. I love this oil! I started growing sea buckthorn bushes 2 years ago and though they have not yet grown any berries, I will continue to grow them and hopefully be able to distill my own sea buckthorn oil!

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