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Kaolin Clay - The Mineral Mask For All Skin Types

Kaolin Clay was first discovered centuries ago in China and was originally used to make porcelain. It is a naturally occurring soft clay formed from the chemical weathering or decomposition of ancient rocks and magma and other minerals. Because of that, it is packed full of incredible minerals. Nowadays, Kaolin is mined from different regions all over the world and can be found in a variety of colours depending on the minerals contained within. This unsung hero of a mineral serves many purposes in a variety industries. Some of which include health and beauty products, medicinal uses, making porcelain and china and predominantly the paper industry. As per usual, I am going to focus on the benefits of using Kaolin in skincare.

When it comes to skincare, Kaolin clay is good for ALL skin types. For sensitive or acne prone skin, it is real gem! It is extremely gentle on your skin, it helps to unclog pores, lightly remove dead skin cells and provides a deep soothing cleanse without causes redness or irritation. It is often found in many cleansers and face masks. Kaolin clay is also extremely beneficial to those with oily skin. This clay will gently absorb the unwanted oils and help to balance your natural oil production. With consistent use, overtime, Kaolin clay is known to help tighten, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tone the skin.

You can find Kaolin clay in pre-blended skincare or it can be used in its pure form. When used on its own, this soft gentle clay has a mild mineral scent and turns into a lovely paste when mixed with a bit of water (or carrier oil). The texture is phenomenal and so soft and feels incredible when applied. You can apply it to your face, neck chest, back or anywhere with a blemish or breakout. It drys and tightens on your skin but easily rinses off leaving you with a deep clean and glowing skin.

I am extremely excited to tell you that Urban Country Organics Kaolin Clay is coming soon and will be available on our online store in the next couple of days!

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