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Urban Country Organics Chakra Balancing Series Sprays The Set

Urban Country Organics Chakra Balancing Series Sprays The Set

Urban Country Organics
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Urban County Organics "Chakra Balancing" Series Sprays are designed to help you find balance in your body's Chakras. A Chakra is a specific energy point along your body, following the linear flow of your spinal cord. 

There are 7 specific Chakras, each with a symbol, name, number and colour associated with it.  Starting from your bottom area (1st - "Root" Chakra- Red) moving upwards along your body following the colours of the rainbow (2nd "Sacral"-Orange, 3rd "Solar Plexus" - Yellow, 4th - "Heart" - Green, 5th "Throat" - Blue, 6th "Third Eye" - Purple)  to the top of your head (7th-"Crown" - Violet). 

Each Chakra is considered to be a centre of energy that controls and emanates a reflection of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

If any of the 7 Chakra's are imbalanced, you may experience different characteristics of being "unwell".  Your Chakra's can be over or under balanced and this manifests into different forms of "unwell" depending on the Chakra and how you personally channel these imbalances. It may take the form physical illness, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, relationships, "stuck in a rut", anger, flu like symptoms, soreness, lack of energy and the list goes on. 

On the other hand, when all of your Chakras are balanced all matters of well- being can be manifested (physical, spiritual and emotional).  

Along with a healthy lifestyle, meditation and exercise, aromatic plant hydrosols and essential oils have the ability to help achieve balance in the Chakras.

The 7 Urban Country Organics Chakra Series Sprays have each been designed and formulated to target each of the Chakras.  


These Sprays can used and applied in many different ways.  They can be applied directly to the Chakra in question and massaged in or as an all-over face and body spray.  You may decide to spray your space prior to a meditation or workout.  In your car, room or on your linen to allow you to bring focus to what positive energy you want to help balance your Chakra.  Use it in the morning as an awakening spray to get your day started off on the right, positive foot.

This set includes all 7 of the Chakra Series Sprays